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November 07, 2009



The TOEFL speaking section pissed the hell out of me. As someone who lived in the States as a child and who still speaks English on a regular basis, I was pretty much expecting to get a perfect score, which I did on the other three sections. I had trouble with the speaking section, not because of my abilities, but because it's very unnatural to speak to the computer for 45 seconds (that, and the fact that everybody in the room started to talk at the same time, which was very distracting).

I got a 20 (making my total 110). I'm sure I would have gotten a much higher score had there actually been a person conversing with me.

It seems to me like a section that doesn't check people's speaking abilities, but rather how well they learned tricks in a TOEFL prep course (I didn't take any courses).


Hi Mr. Jason,

It is my pleasure to find your blog. I find it very useful. Actually, I have already taken 2 time in IBT but I could not achieve the appropriate grade, I have one another in a week and this is my last chance :( ... I am full of stress these days but I try to do my best. I hope your tips help me a lot.

I know a week is a long time to prepare myself,In face, it is very short! I have studied LongMan and Delta books befor, I also have used Barron's, Kaplan and ETS sample tests.But, I don't know what I should do more than this!!

would you please give me some suggestions for this last week? this is my last chance and this make me worry ..

Many thanks,


Hi, Jason how are you? I'm really thankful from you that I have found many useful things there especially for my speaking. These really help me. Keep going on.


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