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February 09, 2009



I think the copyrights for these materials are very clear in the footer of the flash program. These are the learning resources for students in their university. The tutorial movies in the website also show you how to use the ED Toefl iBT software to create your own tests.

Jason Renshaw

Hi Victor,

Right - thanks for that clarification!

So these tests (as in, each and every piece of material) were written and recorded by personnel in your department?

Just listening to the directions at the start of the speaking section - as well as instructions before and after questions - it sounds precisely like (as in the actual narrator) the sound track I've heard in published materials from a major publisher.

If you've established copyright, that means you have made all the scripts and recordings yourself, or outsourced them to professional voice recorders, or obtained permission from a publisher to feature their materials in your test. If you have uploaded or copied anything to feature in your test without permission, then - sorry to say - you are basically breaking the law and could be charged with piracy (or worse).

It doesn't matter if they are learning resources for a university, or free and public. If any of that material is not yours or not yours to distribute without permission, then it's dodgy.

What you've made on that site looks great - but I won't fully endorse it if I can't be sure they are 100% legitimate...

Can you clarify this, according to the comments I've made above? If this is truly all your own material, or material you have the formal rights to distribute, then it is sensational!

All the best,

~ Jason

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