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February 14, 2009



Hi Jason,
I can not believe people are so shameless. I just want to say that YOU HAVE THE BEST WEBSITE about the topic.

Us, your followers, we apreciate your work and always recommend our friends your web.


Erin B.

Hi, Jason. This is Erin from the forums. I'm sorry if I was off-putting. I try not to be. And at least in this post, you seem like a decent guy, i.e., the kind of person I like to see in the forums.

The thing is, on the forums, there are just so many people who sign up to promote their sites. Did you know that there are companies that people hire just to make posts on forums? And "robots" that do the same? Every day I have to ban people who spam different sites in different ways, and I often have to make decisions very, very quickly. It appears in your case, I may have made a mistake. (I'd have to take a look at your posts to remember what I was thinking at the time.)

Feel free to drop me a line, if you like.

Jason Renshaw

Hi Erin,

Apology accepted and appreciated! And by way of reciprocation, my apologies if my post seemed a tad harsh. Having explained yourself, I can understand the issues involved. I've been copping some of the same with my own sites and forums, though of course probably not on the same scale as what you experience.

It was nice of you to drop by here, take the time to read the post, and actually respond. Good on you!

All the best,

~ Jason

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