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March 30, 2007


Eric Roth

Excellent critique!

Teaching in Los Angeles at an elite private university (USC), I have frequently encountered students who "passed" the TOEFL and struggle with essential academic tasks. What did ETS spend all that money on?

Alex Case

I totally agree with Eric (even though he still owes me a review). How do ETS manage to put all that time and effort into things like updating the TOEIC and in no way come out of it with a better test??

Loved this bit:

"Question 3 started off with the right idea and then went off somewhere into la-la land"

If you ever get the chance to see Grant Trew tear TOEIC apart, I highly recommend it


I think the Toefl is only a business. What goverment institution supervise them? Has ever one of the american Deans have reviewed the materials or tried taking the test?
People are so scared of looking "ignorant" that they don't have the courage to confront them, to ask them questions, to read the materials, to ask explanations why too many students "fail", what were the parameters and where such a big amount of money goes to. $170 each time!
That is a shame.
Americans are intelligent but they are helping to make rich to a few who don't own an explanation to anyone. Fooling to everybody with stupid tests that if they were to take them for sure will fail.

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